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Orbital by Alain Gilles

2012 Designer of the Year Alain Gilles created The Orbital Candleholder based on the principles of movement and interaction. As the ring-shaped standards refer to the planets, the action of putting the holders inside of or next to each other is reminiscent of the planets moving in the galaxy. Orbital comes in a set of three distinguished candleholders.

Flare Candleholder by XLBoom

The Flare Candleholder made of black, heavy ribbed steel resembling a robust photo lens, complements our timeless XLBoom range. As the Flare is finished off with a delicate glass casing, the atypical candleholder provides an interior with an industrial yet elegant touch. For tea lights or long candles to turn on the atmosphere.

O-collection by Studio Segers

O-Collection is no-nonsense Belgian design made for XLBoom, consisting of a bowl and watering can. As the family name Segers stands for creative designing, it’s father Wim and son Bob who rejoiced us with these homey though refined objects. A nice addition to our range, as the circular shapes endorse our view of aesthetics and purity.

Lys by Sascha Sartory

Known for his functional and timeless design of the Corona trolley, Sascha Sartory came up with this stylish concept for a candleholder. Giving a modern twist to a classic oil lamp,Lys is graceful and practical at the same time. Go cosy with the small Lys or big and bold with the XL version. Quality stainless steel makes the candleholder suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Terrazzo collection by XLBoom

Terrazzo is the Italian word for terrace, but also the name for a finish made of tile and glass chippings set in cement, upon which we based the Terrazzo collection. The durable series of tables, lampshades and pots are a great addition to your interior or exterior project, giving your home or hospitality venue that industrial yet refined look.

Ricci Frame by Louis de Limburg Stirum

Enriching our extensive collection of XLBoom picture frames, Professor at the CAD and freelance designer at his own studio Stirum Design, Louis de Limburg Stirum made a frame of the highest quality of acrylic. Based on the waves of the ocean, the design is curly yet balanced and stable, featuring our all-distinctive magnetic closing system.

DIM collection by XLBoom

We got inspired to make some new mouth blown glassware! Working together with our experienced craftsmen in Thailand, who deliver our other high quality glassware collection by Alain Berteau, we present the DIM vases: three timeless and elegant smokey grey body-tinted vases in a smooth, scaly or striped structure to mix and match up to your taste.

Doric collection by Paulineplusluis

As the name suggests, the Doric collection by the young Brussels design studio Paulineplusluis is based on their interpretation of the Greek Doric columns. By transforming the architectural elements, they created two fine table accessories by the names of Doric Bowl and Doric Cake Stand. A touch of ancient Greece with a modern twist.

Floating Boxes by XLBoom

Featuring a wide range of picture frames, every frame by XLBoom has its own characteristics. The Floating Boxes make your pictures float in air, creating a nice ‘window effect’. The five centimetre thick frames allow the boxes to stand both in portrait in landscape. Two rectangular sizes and one square, they come in black, white and timber. 100% handmade of rubberwood. 

Host Collection by Alain Berteau

Alain Berteau’s first glassware collection Host called for an extension, due to success. Discover additional pieces such as the small Duo Carafe/Vase, the white wineglass, the big water glass, the untraditional champagne coupe and the glass bowl. All the colourful glass objects are carefully mouth blown by experienced craftsmen in Thailand. Perfect in its imperfection.

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