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Metro tables

The Metro Table comes in 3 different sizes and is the perfect side table in every interior. Our handmade tables are manufactured from coated or natural rubberwood, which is a very sustainable material. Available in 3 different colours: white, black and timber, each finished with matt black metal legs.

O-collection by Studio Segers

O-Collection is no-nonsense Belgian design made for XLBoom, consisting of a bowl and watering can. As the family name Segers stands for creative designing, it’s father Wim and son Bob who rejoiced us with these homey though refined objects. A nice addition to our range, as the circular shapes endorse our view of aesthetics and purity.

Ent by Jan&Lara

Ent is part of a playful series of plants stands designed by Belgian designer couple Jan & Lara. To put your houseplant in the spotlight, Ent is just what you need as it elevates your green to another level. Originally only available in black, now we’ve added summery white to the garden collection.

Diamond wine rack by Susanne Uerlings

The Diamond Rack is Susanne Uerlings’ second design for XLBoom. Her first gem being the sparkling golden tray Gemma, now she introduces a black diamond shaped wine rack. Fit to store 5, 8 or 18 of your finest wines. The sober wine rack is made of powder coated metal. Strong German design with a Belgian twist.

New Host collection by Alain Berteau

Alain Berteau’s first glassware collection Host called for an extension, due to success. Discover the new pieces such as the small Duo Carafe/Vase, the white wineglass, the big water glass, the untraditional champagne coupe and the glass bowl. All the colourful glass objects are carefully mouth blown by experienced craftsmen in Thailand. Perfect in its imperfection.

Ras by Co.Studio

Co.Studio designed the Ras collection with a view to the catering sector. Originally supporting the new dining concept Restaurant on the Stream in the former building of Zuiderterras in Antwerp, it also fits your home nicely. Including the Ras Serving Tray, Napkin Ring, T-light Holder and Presentation Tray, the collection shows off practical yet stylized design pieces.

The original Ball Chair by Finn Stone

XLBoom’s iconic Ball Chair is a design by Finn Stone and has been with us for 15 years. Today we present an extensive range of colours including the original shiny shades and new mat finishings Black, Grite, Racing Green, Burgundy, Tangerine and Nude, and last year’s summery mat tints Quartz, Azur and Emerald

Floating boxes

With our Floating Box you get a very nice ‘window effect’, especially when your photo isn’t as big as the inside frame. This picture frame is made of rubberwood and is 100% handmade. 

Plâ by XLboom

PLÂ glassware by XLBoom.

This glassware collection designed by XLBoom is made by hand, by professional craftsmen. The shape may be irregular and there could be some imperfections. Consider this as a part of the look and not as a defect.

Orbital by Alain Gilles

2012 Designer of the Year Alain Gilles created the Orbital Candleholder based on the principles of movement and interaction. As the ring-shaped standards refer to the planets, the action of putting the holders inside of or next to each other is reminiscent of the planets moving in the galaxy. Orbital comes in a set of three distinguished candleholders.

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