Prado Frame 10×15

SKU: XLBF3011-33


With its deep frame and straightforward design, Prado fits perfectly in any home decor. The sloping edges of this eye-catching frame give Prado an extra dimension which adds an artistic element to your room. Because of its unique yet practical design, you can easily display this picture frame in both landscape and portrait format. Brighten up your living room, add a homey feeling to your office or create warmth in your bedroom with these frames. No matter where you want to put your memories in the picture, Prado’s got you covered. The Prado Frame 10 X 15 timber comes in white and coffee bean as well.

Other product versions

  • Prado frame 10x15 white
  • Prado frame 10x15 black
Weight 0,55 kg
Dimensions 18,3 × 13,3 × 7,3 cm





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