Terrazzo Pin Wall Lamp Small

SKU: XLBB15401-03


The Terrazzo trend is taking over decoration! Paired-down and minimalist, this wall light uses terrazzo in a modern and elegant way. The light available in red, black or white - is part of our signature collection made out of cement and recycled tile chips. It takes over our interiors for a decor that is modern, chic and jolly. Very paired-down, this simple disk offers maximum expressiveness with a minimum amount of material. The choice of a high-quality material and the simple shape give this lamp a timeless style.

Weight 0.66 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 5 cm





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XLBoom in co-branding BENTU

#XLBoom in co-branding BENTU

Based in Guangzhou, Bentu Design studio is specialized in terrazzo lightings and furniture. Their furniture derives it’s uniqueness from the simplicity of it’s forms and it’s materials. Designed and manufactured by the designers of Studio Bentu Design themselves, these lamps and tables, have in common the use of terrazzo. We proudly made this collection in co-branding with design studio BENTU.