Alain Gilles

2012 Designer of the year


We teamed up with 2012 Designer of the Year Alain Gilles. Design as a second life. After studying Political Sciences and Marketing Management, Alain Gilles went on to work in the international financial. But one has to live his own life. So, thanks to the moral support of his wife, he went back to studying Industrial design in France. He opened his own studio in late 2007 in order to pursue his own dreams and develop his personal approach to product design, furniture design, art direction and scenography.
Alain’s designs for XLBoom are playful but functional, timeless but classy. Every design has the power to stand out on itself.

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Ambroise Maggiar is a French designer who’s deeply influenced by the Italian design History. After been graduated from ENSAD (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris), he moved to Milano to explore the culture and immerse himself in the know-how and local craftsmanships while working in a challenging professional environment. While his drawings reveal a poetic and a sensitive approach, his designs show a strong and rigorous method. From craft to technology, industrial products to unique pieces, interior design to architecture, Maggiar operates in all facets of creation.