Ever since 1997, XLBoom has been the life project of Ann De Cock & Geert-Jan Van Cauwelaert. Combining simplicity with an eye for detail and a sense for timeless innovation, has been their drive throughout the years. Each product is made by hand following a sophisticated design, evolving but staying true to the XLBoom DNA. Years of experience, both personally and professionally, have transformed XLBoom to the company it is today. Constantly improving and adapting to the world’s changes allows the duo to keep building together on a sustainable future.

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XLBoom in co-branding BENTU

#XLBoom in co-branding BENTU

Based in Guangzhou, Bentu Design studio is specialized in terrazzo lighting and furniture. Their furniture derives its uniqueness from the simplicity of its forms and its materials. Designed and manufactured by the designers of Studio Bentu Design themselves, these lamps and tables, have the use of terrazzo in common. XLBoom proudly made this collection in co-branding with design studio BENTU.