Create art with Tuub

Jeffrey Huyghe outdid himself with Tuub. A wonderful design entirely in line with XLBoom’s DNA – qualitative and timeless products with a multifunctional purpose.

Create a playful work of art with the colorful and modern-looking hooks. Hang one or several together and you have a unique way to keep everything neat and organized. Tuub provides a modern storage solution for everything and everywhere; for coats in the hallway, towels in the kitchen, towels and bathrobes in the bathroom… The possibilities are endless with the hand-crafted wall hooks. 

The stainless steel hangers come in two sizes – small and medium, and four colors – black, blue, green and quartz. 

Cleverly designed with two mounting holes for solid hanging and each one comes with a manual. 

Tuub will be available as of October 7th.

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