Turn the tables with Quadro

Whether you’re looking to spice up your living room, fill up an empty corner with a decorative piece or need something more practical to display your snacks and dishes, the Quadro tables have no limitations. With their sleek, simplistic, and practical style, they fit perfectly in any interior design. Due to its multifunctional style and minimalistic approach, you can utilize this modern-looking Quadro piece in any way imaginable. Use it as a tabletop, side table or decorative item. These tables will cater wonderfully to your needs and preferences.

XLBoom strives for the creation of unique, qualitative, and timeless products, and Quadro is no exception to this rule. Created in the typically striking XLBoom design, completely made by hand and manufactured in Belgium, this piece of craftmanship is truly one of a kind. 

Since it’s made of fiber cement and powder-coated steel, the Quadro tables are best used indoors but don’t be afraid to bring it outside every once in a while. Just don’t forget to store it back inside to prevent weather damage and preserve it’s polished and elegant appearance. 

We deem these stunning tables a perfect match for any room. Where are you displaying them? 

Available at the beginning of March
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