Sophistication, taste and creativity meet in Arca

When sophistication, taste and creativity meet, you get Arca. A pure object that stands out from any other wine rack. Modernism and Classicism are combined where black arches compose rhythm, symmetry and a dialogue between open and closed. It is not just a wine rack, Arca is a decorative addition to any space. As with any XLBoom product, functionality and design come together. 

The aesthetically pleasing rack is made of stainless steel, welded by hand and powder-coated in black with a soft grain structure, giving it a modern look and feel. Cleverly thought out by Belgian designer Frederik Delbart who was inspired by Roman bridges for the iteration of several arches into each other, creating levels that result in compartments for wine bottles.

6, 9 or 12 bottles? Choose the sizes that fit best or simply mix and match several racks together. Even without bottles in it, Arca immediately catches the eye. 

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