Acrylic is back, but with a twist

We are excited to introduce two new colors to the Acrylic assortment:

Sky Blue – a bright and warm color when the sunlight hits the frame.
Dark Grey – a color that brings a cozy, ambient lighting into every home.

Picture frames not only define the personality of the house, but they also show the creativity of the people living in it. It’ s no different for the Acrylics. The see-through frame is a creative, well-thought-out and sleek design that spices up every interior. 

With its two magnetic sides, inserting and switching photos has never been so easy. Portrait or landscape? Display the frames whichever way you want. Choose between sizes 13×13, 13×18, 18×18 and 16×21 – a new size that is joining the product line as well. 

For a nice grey or blue shimmer effect, make sure to use a smaller picture for the frame. By the way, did you know that Acrylic is our best selling product? Now you know why. 

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