Rondo in a new guise

We figure, new isn’t always better. Taking the time and finding ways to improve your existing products is an important part of delivering high qualitative products. So, that is exactly what we did. One of our best selling collections, Rondo – designed by Sascha Sartory, has been given a new yet subtle look. 

The outside of the buckets remains unchanged, keeping their signature and sleek look. The inside on the other hand looks slightly different. Instead of coating both sides with a black or soft copper finish, only the outside is coated. The inside remains stainless steel.

As mentioned above, the collection comes in three different finishes; soft copper, black and pure stainless. Three very different colors with a similar purpose – to give a high qualitative, luxurious look and feel to every interior and exterior.

Rondo consists of 9 different products, each with its own function. Although each item is designed for a specific purpose, at XLBoom we aim for multi-functionality. With that in mind, feel free to fill in any purpose desired! 

Whether you are throwing a big party or organizing an intimate dinner, Rondo adds value to any occasion. 

Make sure to use a soft sponge and do not add soap to the water while cleaning the buckets to ensure durability. 

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