Bento, a trolley with a story

Whether you’re looking for a trolley to serve snacks and drinks or a small table to display art and other decorative items, Bento is the perfect match. With its elegant and polished look, these trolleys are an amazing way to spruce up your home decor.

After seeing the stunning design by Frederik Delbart, there was no doubt in mind that Bento would become an XLBoom product. The search for a sustainable production partner soon started and that’s how we ended up in Ukraine. When we saw the first samples of the Bento trolley, we were immediately sold. Beautifully welded, the perfect powder coating by Axalta, a very secure finishing… We already knew that the production of this serving trolley would be in great hands by these hard-working people.

Despite the difficult situation Ukraine is in, these incredible craftsmen kept going. We have so much respect for the determination and craftsmanship of these lovely people.

Because Bento is made from powder coated steel, these trolleys are best for all-time indoor use, but feel free to take them outside when the weather is nice. Just don’t forget to store them back inside to preserve its elegant appearance as they’re not water-resistant.

We know where we’re displaying our Bento, and you?

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