Close your eyes and focus

A candle brings more than just light and cosiness to a room. It tickles all your senses; lets you revisit a beloved memory and sets the perfect mood. Don’t just smell the scent. Feel the atmosphere. Hear the background noise. See the surroundings. With the Volta Scented Candles, we focussed on creating that experience, setting that mood.

If you enjoy a refreshing, calming scent in your room, then you might fall in love with Forest Mist or Ocean Bliss. Looking for a more warm-toned, luxurious fragrance? Sunday Touch is the perfect match. Or are you more of a bright and citrusy fan? Then Morning Glow is exactly what you need. Each candle has a unique scent and tells a different story.

Besides their inviting smell, they’re also perfect for decorating tables, shelves, or any other flat surfaces. All our glassware is completely made by hand and mouth blown and Volta is no different. This makes the Volta Scented Candles even more unique and special.

But what after the candle is completely burnt out? Instead of throwing away your used candles like you normally would, you can repurpose this glassware, so you don’t lose that luxurious touch to your interior design. Grow herbs and flowers, use it as a pencil holder, add a little candlelight or store your bathroom essentials in this gorgeous piece of glassware. The list is endless. So, get creative and give your Volta candleholder a second life.

An enticing scent in an elegant and multifunctional design. Brighten up your home and relish in the irresistible perfume of the Volta Scented Candles.

Available in 3 sizes and 4 unique perfumes.

Volta Scented Candles, experience the scent.

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