The first bite you take is with your eyes. Enjoy mixing the different colours and pieces of our glassware collections for a sophisticated, timeless table.

From a few ice cubes to magnum bottles, no matter what you’d like to chill, the Rondo collection has got you covered in style.

The iconic Ikon fulfills every need. The stylish bowls can be used for anything from serving to storage and decoration. 

Set your meals up for success with the powerful shapes and luxurious feel of the all – leather Ellis placemats.

Two cups of coffee or an entire round of drinks? The subdued minimalism of the Bao trays will serve in every occasion.

Shoot for the moon, you might get there. The mystical shape of the moon served as an inspiration for these atmospheric bowls.

Whether you’ve got something to celebrate or not, the opulence of the Laps coolers will dress up every scene.

#Tablesetting inspiration

You can use the beauty of an elegantly set table to welcome your guests. Effortlessly combine the tinted glass of the Host collection, with the metal shine of the Rondo coolers and the warmth of the Ellis placemats for a coherent look everybody will appreciate.

What’s in a name? The Host collection does exactly what it’s named after, which is entertaining you and your guests with some well-designed glasses and unique carafes and bowls.

#made by lovely people

The designs of XLBoom are mostly produced in Asia. All the products are made by hand with the focus on detail and pureness. Therefore, every product is unique, of high quality and sustainable. The production facilities are chosen with attention to good and honest working conditions. The XLBoom owners follow up the processes and working environment closely and regularly. The aim of XLBoom is to have satisfied customers through satisfied employees. 

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