small furniture

Style your house très chic with our small furniture items. You’ll love the looks and functionality of all our multipurpose eye catchers.

Whether you need a new desk, a new console table or just a little extra something, why not buy them all in one? You see a sofa end table? I see my new nightstand!

Let the soft A-lines of this spacious trolley help you serve during a dinner party or display your books and hold your drink while reading just like a real live butler.

Dress-up your outdoor space with a Terrazzo table or bring the ancient finish of recycled glass, tiles and marble in your home for the perfect touch.

Perfect for making a classy drinking corner in your home or for bringing your loved ones some snacks and drinks during Netflix and chill.

Everybody recognizes the sleek lines of this classic design alongside the pool or featured indoors. Have fun combining their colours or make a statement in a single shade.

Get creative by combining the assorted Terrazzo tables and accessories in your seating area or dining space for that sublime fusion between retro and contemporary.

#Small furniture

Not only the big picture matters, the small things make the real difference. You can use small furniture to enhance your space and bring attention to your precious objects. Imagine moving them from time to time, adjusting their functionality to your everchanging needs.

Allow yourself to fall in love with the pure style and practical heights of 1, 2 or even 3 Elle tables.

#made by lovely people

The designs of XLBoom are mostly produced in Asia. All the products are made by hand with the focus on detail and pureness. Therefore, every product is unique, of high quality and sustainable. The production facilities are chosen with attention to good and honest working conditions. The XLBoom owners follow up the processes and working environment closely and regularly. The aim of XLBoom is to have satisfied customers through satisfied employees. 

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