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Where do you find yourself most, in your home or your office? There’s no need to choose, let XLBooms’ feel good vibes into both with these stylish and practical designs.

Three different sizes, three different hospitality purposes. But once again, XLBoom gives you the opportunity to fill in these purposes as desired. As a consequence, the sophisticated design is entirely multifunctional.

These vases will definitely spice things up, making your flower bouquet a real eye-catcher. Noella Vases are both functional and elegant.

Display, carry or tuck away, you can now keep your tools in reach with sophistication. Find the colour basket that suits your cutlery, stationaries or even your toiletries.

Great style and functionality have been united to serve your needs. A simple yet expressive shape for a book end. A contrast between weight and weightlessness, solidity and detailing.

Whether you have a small or big wine collection, Pico is a wine rack that catches every eye. The robust design is available for 3, 6, 9 and 15 wine bottles. The beauty of this design is that it allows you to stack the racks on top of each other to make the collection even bigger. If you love wine, you will love Pico.

Serving up in style and functionality, trays are perfect for cocktails and snacks, for storing a collection of glassware on your counter, or for additional refinement to your living room décor. Trays designed with clean lines and pure expressions serve as practical and beautiful little helpers for any occasion or setting. Choose a design that matches your personal style: round, rectangular or square. 

#Serving inspiration

Entertaining becomes a real treat with your favourite tray, if only you could make a choice. Oh well, you can always use the other trays to present (/display) your cherished accessories.

Let’s take it easy, the uncomplicated design of the Zen tray helps you to focus on entertaining, for either small, medium or large parties.


The designs of XLBoom are mostly produced in Asia. All the products are made by hand with the focus on detail and pureness. Therefore, every product is unique, of high quality and sustainable. The production facilities are chosen with attention to good and honest working conditions. The XLBoom owners follow up the processes and working environment closely and regularly. The aim of XLBoom is to have satisfied customers through satisfied employees. 

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