Arca Wine Rack (6)

SKU: XLBA17106-09


When sophistication, taste and creativity meet, you get Arca. A pure object that stands out from any other wine rack. The aesthetically pleasing rack is made of stainless steel, welded by hand and powder-coated in black with a soft grain structure, giving it a modern look and feel. 6, 9 or 12 bottles? Choose the sizes that fit best or simply mix and match several racks together. Even without bottles in it, Arca Wine Rack (6) immediately catches the eye. It is not just a wine rack, it's a decorative addition to any space. As with any XLBoom product, functionality and design come together. 

Other product versions

  • Arca Wine Rack (12)
  • Arca Wine Rack (9)
Weight 4,404 kg
Dimensions 21 × 20,5 × 33 cm





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Frederik Delbart
Frederik Delbart

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Frederik Delbart is an experienced consultant and entrepreneur active in creative and strategic change manager, creative brand direction, productdesign and innovation. As we live in a critical environmental situation, respect for nature is always present in the choice of materials, the assembly methods and a strict selection of suitable production plants. Passionate by raw and pure materials such as wood, glass, metal, porcelain and paper, the designer tries to find new limits for each by using those materials in a mix of respect for tradition and sense of innovation. Frederik Delbart believes that an open mind mixed with a large cultural background will form the way to a successful product. In 2018, Frederik Delbart was Awarded as "Designer of the Year" by Interieur Kortrijk, Knack Weekend, LeVif Weekend, Designmuseum Gent and CID Grand Hornu.