Rondo Ice Bucket Small

SKU: XLBA110C03S-44/54


The Rondo ice bucket small, a luxurious bucket to store and display your ice. If you love having guests over or you simply enjoy a glass in the evening, then the Rondo ice bucket small soft copper/steel is perfect for you. This gorgeous looking item is the ultimate accessory for any occasion. Due to its rich and well-designed appearance, you’ll always enjoy your glass of wine in style. Use it to serve ice or put it on display as a stylish decorative item. The Rondo ice buckets come in three different colours and two sizes for the ideal fit into every interior design. Finish off the look with the Rondo ice tong and the other items of this stunning collection. Rondo by Sascha Sartory.

Other product versions

  • Rondo Ice bucket small black/steel
  • Rondo Ice bucket small pure stainless
Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 17 cm





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