Terrazzo U Lamp

SKU: XLBB15404-034


What better way to brighten up the day than with this elegant, yet unique blue Terrazzo U lamp? Choose the color that fits best with your interior. The entire Terrazzo collection is made out of cement and recycled tile chips. Looking for a more luxurious finish? Go for the Luxe Lamp with a brass head. You could also just match the lamp with one of the Terrazzo tables. Happy mixing!

Other product versions

  • White Terrazzo U Lamp
  • Mint Terrazzo U Lamp
  • Red Terrazzo U Lamp
  • Black Terrazzo U Lamp
Weight1.54 kg
Dimensions9.5 × 9.5 × 20 cm





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XLBoom in co-branding BENTU

#XLBoom in co-branding BENTU

Based in Guangzhou, Bentu Design studio is specialized in terrazzo lighting and furniture. Their furniture derives its uniqueness from the simplicity of its forms and its materials. Designed and manufactured by the designers of Studio Bentu Design themselves, these lamps and tables, have the use of terrazzo in common. XLBoom proudly made this collection in co-branding with design studio BENTU.