Tuub Large

SKU: XLBA16803-50


Create a playful work of art with the unique and modern-looking coat rack, Tuub. Use them for anything and place them anywhere; for coats in the hallway, for kitchen towels in the kitchen, for bathrobes and towels in the bathroom... Possibilities are endless with the hand-crafted Tuub Large Quartz.

Other product versions

  • Tuub Large Blue
  • Tuub Large Black Coat Rack
  • Tuub Large Green Coat Rack
Weight 2,21 kg
Dimensions 30,5 × 6 × 37,5 cm





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Jeffrey Huyghe
Jeffrey Huyghe

#Jeffrey Huyghe

Jeffrey Huyghe graduated as an industrial product designer at Howest, Kortrijk. With a heart for engineering, Jeffrey likes to experiment with geometrical shapes and dynamic interactions. This translates in an interesting tension where minimalism and materialisation meet state-of-the-art engineering. With that in mind, Jeffrey's designs lie perfectly in line with XLBoom's DNA.    Examples are multi-awarded architectural lighting designs like Semih (2016) and Marbul (2018) where complex hidden rotational systems are disguised as pure designs. Recently he started his own studio where beyond lighting, he can push the boundaries of the interaction between materials and mechanics further.