Dim T-light set of 3

SKU: XLBA149301-66


Inspired by our beloved Dim vase collection, these tealights share the same timeless design and craftsmanship that have made our vases so popular. Just like our vases, the Dim Tealights are meticulously crafted, with each glass being mouth blown to perfection.

Looking for the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one? We’ve got you covered! The Dim Tealights come in a set of 3, consisting of three charming patterns: scale, stripe, and smooth. With a choice of five carefully selected colors, you can effortlessly create the perfect combination to match your own style and home decor.

The Dim Tealights are truly the ideal addition for any occasion. Whether you're enjoying a relaxing evening alone or hosting a gathering with friends, these tealights add a special touch to every moment.

Styling Tip: Combine the Dim Tealights with our Dim Cream vases for a matching ensemble.

Other product versions

  • Dim tealights green
  • Dim tealights amber
  • Dim tealights smoke grey
  • Dim tealights light amber
Weight 0,52 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 cm





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